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Trips 2022/23

Trip to Blair Drummond

LIFT DG took 16 families, 45 people to Blair Drummond safari park. 

This was an adventure most hadn't done before and we were able through our funding to remove all barriers for the people attending. Enjoy our images.

Mum guilt was real this summer but everything is so expensive now everyone’s watching what they do ! I am always working feel like I don’t have enough time we try our best

Really appreciated the opportunity to go with LIFT on their trip today , great bunch of girls working so hard for their community and all the kids had a blast thank you LIFT

And all your team for the amazing things you do - Carrie.

Go to work to earn money to provide for your kids....

Go to work feel guilty for not spending time with your kids.

Finding a balance is the hardest part of being a parent. Luckily my sister stepped in an accompanied my riots

LIFT D&G (Lochside is families together) provided lots of families with the chance to an amazing day out today to Blair Drummond

What you guys do is simply amazing.

Thank you so much - Carol-ann

Brilliant day yesterday with a great bunch kids had an absolute blast thanks again and brilliant as always LIFT  - Nicola

Thanks for having us absolutely had the best time. Really appreciate it. Jess xx

Thank you LIFT team for giving us the opportunity to go today, we had an amazing day, made lots of memories - Debi

Thank you guys for a fantastic day away - Clod

Thank you so much we loved it - Samantha

Matilda at the Theatre Royal. 

Holi - Festival of colour

Comic-Con 22