Board Members

Angela Gilmour

Executive Director Project Manager. Angela founded #LIFT in 2016 and the group were constituted in Feb 2017. Angela is a full time project Manager of Lift with the daily running or projects and partnership work, as well as this she mentors all our youth groups run by the young people. (LYT) Angela is also a full time mum and part time Photographer.

Stacey Meechan

Financial Director. Stacey is treasurer for #LIFT and is in charge of all our finances, she oversees all our budgets for events, trips and workshops. Stacey is also a full time mum with a job for the NHS as well.

Matt Baker

Chair Person Matt joined LIFT D&G in August 2019. Matt runs the Stove network, he has been crucial in the changes seen throughout Dumfries high street and the public art all over.

Lorraine Breese

Lorraine came to us 2018 and has been a valued member of #LIFT since. She is now our Secretary as well as our donation worker. Lorraine is a full time mum and takes part in various community events.

Karen Little

Karen Joined Lift D&G in 2021. Karen is a full time mum to 4 wonderful kids, She is also a Highland Dance Instructor and is studying Social work in her 4th year. Karen as well as her vast amount of local knowledge also helps at a local school on the PTA.

Kelly Kerr

Kelly Joined lift D&G 2021. Kelly lives local in Lochside and runs her own personal care business. She is a full time mum and is also studying to be a social worker.

Debbie McDowall

Debbie is an amazing asset to our Board with years of experience in youth work and training with Sleeping Giants CIC.