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N.A.N.A Park/ N.A.N.A Projects 2017/18

Nanas Park is an idea from Angela Gilmour founder of #LIFT (Lochside Is Families Together).

The back-story to Nanas Park is Angela lived in Lochside and across the field was her Nana & Papas house.


In between the 2 spaces was a park called Glentrool.

When Angela and her siblings would go outside they always referred to the park as Nanas Park, this way their mother would know where they were.

Family and Friends of Angela would also refer to it as Nanas Park so the name just stuck.

Forward years later when Angela would become a community worker in Lochside with fond memories of the park, she then took the word NANA and realised it could also be used for Nature And Nurture Area.

This is where the project idea was formed.

Nana was also the name of the dog in Peter Pan, J.M Barrie wrote peter pan whilst staying in Dumfries and you can visit the grounds at Moat Brae.

Also your Nana is often seen as the Safe place they would go when mum doesn’t give them what they want!!

July 2018 has now seen the N.A.N.A parks Mural painted onto the Lochside Community Centre wall, it was designed by a Glasgow group called Design by ZAG and was applied at the Lochside Gala 2018.

This is where the Group #LIFT will be making Bug hotels, and planting some bushes, trees and foliage.

It will be accessible by all and come in play for the Local school NW Dumfries Community campus.

D.G.H.P – They have gifted #LIFT with a piece of land to use in conjunction with the site at the community centre. Lift will use and maintain the land but it remains solely DGHP’s property.

Creative Futures is also joining up with #LIFT is the art side of the project; they will design the boards used in the project.

Following on you will see a panel of how Nana will grow and progress.


Future sites?


Clarinda Drive.

Lochside Community centre marsh land.

Lincluden Popeye’s.

Sandside Gardens.

Summerhill Community centre.

Who will connect with the project?

Babes In the woods

Nursery children from Max Play care.


Children from NW Dumfries Community Campus.

Elderly looking to do outdoor activities.

Local children staying in the flats/no gardens


What benefits is there to the public?

Learning about the Eco system/Circle of Life.

Learning about the local wildlife/pond life.

Learning about worm farms.

Looking at how an Ant hill works

Community Garden ideas
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