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* Empowering

Giving the members in the community the confidence to take ownership and control the things they want in their community


* Innovative

Coming up with new ideas for our area to constantly be able to change when things go wrong. 


* Courageous

to go forward with new ideas and do not let people put you off by telling you it can’t be done! 


* Honest

Being truthful and sincere and working hard for all we want to achieve.


* Influential

having a stronger voice in the community and making things happen for those that feel they cannot express what they need or want.


* Selflessness

Speaking up for those and supporting those instead of what we want, We work for the community as a whole. 


* Objectivity

We remain impartial, We will not Judge, we will always have fair and open-mindedness. 


* Openness

We have no restrictions on who we help regardless of race, colour, creed. 


* Empathy

Respect everyones feelings and show a level of sensitivity and an awareness to others feelings. 


LIFT D&G, vision is that our communities remain diverse and can achieve and maintain good health and wellbeing, and care for themselves and each other.



LIFT D&G aims are to empower people from disadvantaged areas and help build them up through volunteering and opportunities within our events, trips and workshops. 


We aim to help people back to work by giving them help & advice and encouragement through volunteering in the One stop shop, Till experience, stock taking, Customer service, Organisational skills, Delivery and distribution skills, Inventory and office skills, Cleaners, General maintenance etc these will all be skill learned through lift and volunteering with us. 

* To generate in young people a sense of responsibility and ownership for the actions they undertake and to develop their citizenship and involvement in their communities.


* Intergenerational To bring people together in a purposeful mutually beneficial activities which promote greater understanding and respect between generations and contributes to building more cohesive communities.

People Helping People

Unity in our community

Deeds not words. 


Our main goal is to always treat people in our communities with the upmost respect.

Focusing on Lochside we also do outreach work to different postcodes in Dumfries and Galloway because we Do not want a postcode to define a persons needs.

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