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Meet the Team
Volunteers & Staff

Here we are! 

Morgan joined LIFT in April 2023 to support with engagement, communications, project work and administration.

Lynsey came to us for a one day trial and she decided to stay with us, she volunteered for two years and is now a part time manager in our shop. 

Annette Is now a paid Employee of The Shops, her role is taking care of Household and baby items. Annette is an amazing member of the team and has transformed the experience in our household shop. 

Amanda has been with us since 2019 and is a big part of our team, her dedication is amazing just like her.

Amanda is now one of our Managers in the Community Exchange. 

Michelle Came to us and is one of our longest Volunteers, she is now looking at Part time Employment with LIFT D&G. 

We also have -

Janet, Heather, Jessica, Alison, Joy, Lorraine and Fiona that volunteer within the shops each vary in the time they give. 

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