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A Gift From Lift

Emma G


Natasha said it was the 'best day ever, thanks mum' Thanks to you Angela and helpers x


Gemma L


It was great Angie, you did amazing organising all this for oor wains. X


Fab day!! Thank you all so much!! You're hard work and dedication is so very well appreciated in the community



Michelle McC 2021

Thank you so much to Angela, the Easter Bunny and all the lift volunteers who made this possible the girls were blown away. You all rock. Have a Happy Easter

Debi Mac 2021


Thank you

Kids had a brilliant day! Thank you so much! Little one loved her face paint

Toni W 2021

From many quiet , stressful days of covid ,trying to keep kids ,happy and entertained,  Lift D&G  has provided a fun packed , varied ,weekly activity package online . from cooking pizza, pasta, cupcakes, with the help of many local businesses,  and sing a longs , story time for all ages , local story's,  interesting facts on history and art and crafts . there is something for all ages young and mature ,babies to teenage to adults ,to bring a smile to your otherwise quiet day . fantastic, thoughtful and fun. thanks Lift D&G. well recommended.  xx

Rowan M 2021

Throughly enjoyed taking part in the cooking activities, the children loved doing all the measurements, and were learning without realising it ! My little girl enjoys the dance classes also, gets that extra energy out. Thanks to all who put this together, it certainly helps keep my kids busy in this tough time, so I can carry on studying.

Katie N 2021


Lift Gifts

What a lovely surprise last night.. Huge thank you to Angie and the #LIFTTeam use do an amazing job 💚 xxxxx


Just received a lovely gift from #lift 😁. would just like to say a huge thank you to them and whoever nominated me, means alot and it's much appreciated 😘


Would like to thank #LIFT for the great day out at south lakes safari and thanx to Angie Angela Smiley Gilmour for all her hard work and effort arranging the and Darcy had a great day we were ready for bed wen we got home.xx


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