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Who We Are

Since forming in 2016, we have become bigger than we ever thought. Our commitment to working in our community and making a difference and keep our community happy will help us to never stop improving, and are continuing to expand our reach to the wider NW Dumfries.

#LIFT Is now LIFT D&G ... Like the Phoenix we have evolved into LIFT D&G so we can now offer our services further and now we are able to do Partnership work all over Dumfries and Galloway. 

Lift’s mission is to strengthen our community and enhance the lives of the families who reside in it.  Lift is a group of caring people helping people, with a shared passion of making a difference and giving back to the community. 


 We aim to shift attitudes towards poverty through innovation and flexibility in the designing of events and activities. We strive to ensure our activities are accessible to all and believe a postcode should not define us.   Bringing people together in an inclusive and purposeful way is mutually beneficial.  Activities promote better understanding and respect between generations, while contributing to building a socially cohesive community. 


We are responsive and adaptable to circumstances and work in partnership with various agencies, this means we can connect families to relevant services when necessary.


Lift is committed to leaving a legacy in Lochside and volunteers are at the heart of this.   We focus on unlocking the potential of volunteers (young and older) through grass roots training and personal development prospects to gain new transferrable skills.


Lift is active and present within the community and utilise social media platforms to remain relevant, we listen to what people want and advocate on their behalf.  We are proud and compassionate about our community and will demonstrate this through deeds not words to create unity in our community.



A Bit about LIFT D&G

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