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What we have done so far since 2017 until 2018. 

Each Link will take you to the photo album.


So We had our very first public meeting in February 2017 to allow the public to see what we had in mind for Lochside, In that small space of time we have so far to date given you all:


    A Christmas Party 2016, Our Special guests were Jay and Zayla.


    Litter pick with 58 people


    Litter pick number 2 with again 50 people


    Litter pick 3 with around 50 people again.


    A nature walk in lochside looking at urban and rural wildlife with a bird show by


    Lantern making sessions with Big burns Supper


    Big burns supper parade


    Tesco donated clothes to us to start distributing to families in and around Lochside and Lincluden.


    Easter 2017 seen the easter bunny come round the door and surprise the kids and give them free easter eggs.


    Easter party 2017 was attended by just over 100+ people


    guid nychburris 2017 was a special event, Angela Smiley (Me) was given the prestigious title Guid nychburris of the year. It was also our first year in the guid nychburris parade.


    2017 also seen the first gala in Lochside in 30 years. we worked along side the local schools and the nominated their very own pupils to be attendants and the Gala King and Queen. 1500 People came out that day to celebrate a successful event.


    The next stage seen us applying for Lottery funding and we received £10,000 to put on events, workshops, and trips free for the community, our first trip was at Mabie forest.


    South lakes safari park, We took 5 bus loads down full of excited people.


    Next up is our halloween party, hosted by Ann Anderson she is a real community champion.


    November 2017 we taught the kids about Guy Fawkes, Penny for the guy making and And we had a competition


    bonfire night 2017 was attended by 400+ people, we catered for 400 and ended up just short on food so this year we will double up on capacity.


    D&G Life magazine seen us nominated in 3 different categories.


    We then held a combined night for St Andrews, as an information night where members of the public could come and see what is on in the area and who is doing things to make it all better.


    christmas 2017 We opened up our local community centre on christmas day and we let the members of the public, whom would be lonely or didnt have much in the way of christmas spirit come join us and have food, presents, and a selection box, entertained by Lee Yeswithbellson Mcqueen and his accordion, It was a special day for all involved.


    then we done another litter pick to tidy up the area starting our new year as we mean to go on..


    another easter 2018 craft session where the kids brightened up the centre.

  23. this is T in the Park, Easter party.


    2018 Summer starts and we kick off with the 2nd Gala in Glentrool park.


    and now we prepare for our first AGM 22nd July 6pm Lochside Community Centre

UPDATE: we are now LIFT D&G and if you click on the links you will see our DND group and our LIFT YOUTH TEAM section as well as our updated events sections. 

So as you will see we have achieved so much already, The above doesn’t mention how all this is run by volunteers, We give up our time to to make all this happen. 


You will also see the new project we have up and running called N.A.N.A’s Park, This is Nature And Nurture Area = nana, It is also for my nana Mary Rogerson, She lives next to Glentrool Park and when we were growing up in Lochside we would always refer to the park there as Nanas park.


It is also how N.A.N.A park is going to be a safe place for your kids to play, it will be an educational place where they learn about wildlife and the eco system, same as my nana used to tell us when we went frog hunting and took them back to her greenhouse.


Nana was the name of the dog in Peter pan that played with kids and looked after them. plus if ever you fell out with your mum, your nana was always the first place you would go to. You will start seeing little N.A.N.A projects popping up all around Lochside and Lincluden in fact NW Dumfries.


Please sign up with LIFT D&G as a volunteer and help us make it a lot better for our kids and our grandkids.


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